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Chart the right course for content to be a catalyst for better business


Content Marketing Strategy

Strategy ensures the content you produce is aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve.


Strategy ensures the content you produce is aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve.

It is the key ingredient to achieving long-term business goals and client engagement. Thinking through this strategy, preparing thoroughly, and putting the right processes in place always pays dividends.

A successful strategy intertwines existing content, new messaging, delivery and distribution channels, plus engagement analysis. It ensures that each of these elements fit together and complement each other. Clarity of thought, cohesion of execution, and consistency of delivery create the greatest possible impact and provide the girders supporting any content strategy.

Strategic analysis

Strategic analysis

Creating original content starts with an understanding of where potential white space lies. We will help you to map market gaps by auditing your current output and benchmarking it against a designated peer group. At Resonate, we deploy the skills we forged over many years at the world’s leading finance and business media brands, to take your vision and create a roadmap to reality.




Honing your key messages and getting internal stakeholder alignment is vital from the outset. We do this by creating topic-specific message grids that determine the right storyline in support of key points. We also advise on the most relevant content distribution channels to amplify your messaging and achieve maximum impact.




Good processes are the foundation stone of high quality, cohesive, standalone editorial products. Resonate’s design and editorial teams can assist you in creating editorial style guides that ensure consistency across output and design frameworks that bring content to life. We can produce editorial calendars that optimise the right mix of content types and production schedules to deliver them. We can also operate inside or outside of your brand guidelines.




We have honed the art of appealing to the hardest-to-reach and most influential business leaders over the course of our longstanding communications and media careers. We will work with you to define and map your target audiences and KPIs, ensuring your content aligns with what your clients want to engage with. We understand that volume is not necessarily everything, but quality is. We will help you to assess engagement, analyse data and use both to inform future production.


Why Content?

Simple. It works. Done well, it delivers core business outcomes.

  • Deepens Relationships

    Engage with customers and clients non-transactionally, enhancing relationships and speeding up sales time.

  • Creates and Accelerates Demand

    Generate new customer and client interest, especially in regulated industries where unsolicited pitching is not allowed.

  • Strengthens Geographical Footprints

    Demonstrate how you know all your customers and clients through an understanding of both global themes and local cultures.

  • Drives Purpose

    Bring corporate values to life for all stakeholders, from employees to suppliers.

  • Enhances Brand Positioning

    Place your institution, its leading executives, and products at the forefront of industry standards and thinking.

  • Delivers Marketing Goals

    Show not tell customers and clients why they should do business with you.

  • Increases Wellbeing

    Reading an interesting article, watching an engaging video or listening to a fascinating podcast or speaker ranks among life’s pleasures.

  • Furthers Understanding

    Turn complex or technical ideas or products into appealing, jargon-free content, or illuminate them through well-constructed panel discussions and roundtables.